Carr Chiropractic And Wellness, LLC


Carr Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC

was started by Dr. David Carr to provide state of the art Chiropractic care to zip codes 19512, 19518, 19547, 19505, 19464, 19435 and 19525.  After practicing in two different office settings, Carr Chiropractic And Wellness, LLC was formed. Combining the best of both offices allows Dr. David to offer the most successful care available.  We pride ourselves in providing individual, honest, and ethical care to our patients.


Excelling at not only looking for the root of the problem, but at looking at the body as a whole and treating it to improve your overall function. 

At our facility, you will learn how to improve your daily lives through one-on-one posture education, condition specific stretches and exercises, and nutritional advice.

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