Congratulations on your decision to take back your health and thank you for allowing us to assist you.  Whether you were referred through a friend, the research you did online or the way you feel or are functioning is not what you want, this is your first step to a better life.  The first visit is your opportunity to get to know Dr. David, his opportunity to get to know you, your current health, and what your goals and expectations are.

Like any visit to the doctor, you will start off with filling out some paperwork.  Our program allows us to send you a link in which you can fill out your paperwork in the comfort of your house.  Contact us to get your specific link for these forms.  This can also be completed on the computer in the office.  Upon finishing the paperwork, you will meet with Dr. David and discuss:

1.   Health History

This includes a health history and HIPPA.  The health history forms include history of current issue, family medical history and pre-existing conditions.  This also includes a discussion about your health history in a little more detail.  If you opt to learn more about HIPPA, Dr. David has a  We can answer any questions you have concerning all forms.

2.   Posture and Gait Analysis

Posture gives a window into the spine in a static form.  Gait (walking) gives a good idea of how the body and brain communicate.

3.   Orthopedic Examination

              Rules out any need for additional imaging, such as MRI, CT or X-Rays.

4.   Chiropractic Examination

              Tells us what is moving and what is not.  Gives us body and muscle symmetry as well.

After the examination, the doctor will listen to your goals and expectations, then discuss the composition of care and the course of action to reach those goals.  Together we will work to fit your schedule so that you can achieve your goals.  At any time throughout the examination, consultation, and appointments you are encouraged to ask questions.  

Dr. David is always open to questions at any time and works as a team with his patients.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas Edison