Chiropractic Care

Performing the newest Chiropractic techniques allows us to provide the safest, most comfortable and effective care possible.  Dr. David has had years of success utilizing these techniques to give his patients relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches and many other conditions that relate to the spine.  He is also trained to perform adjustments of the hand, elbow, hip, knee and foot to assist and alleviate most extremity conditions.



Flexion/Distraction is a "state of the art" non-aggressive technique in treating and managing disc herniation conditions and symptoms.  Dr. David is fully-trained in this technique.  It has helped many people stay off the operating table for their disc herniation's, both neck and back.  Many patients have found that this non-aggressive protocol is more beneficial in management and treatment than most other protocols, including physical therapy.


Licensed Massage Therapy


This is an all natural approach to addressing musculoskeletal problems, as well as stress and anxiety.  Click here to learn more.



Every patient is approached with an individual goal and care plan.  These care plans and goals will often include the doctor "coaching" you on routinely performed activities, what to avoid, how to avoid aggravation of the current condition or possible future conditions.  One of our patients wrote a thank you letter that seems to sum it up the best...

"You were always my 'voice of reason' and really helped me through this very difficult time. Thank you for always listening and caring!" - H.B.



Often people can be misinformed when they attempt to become informed.  At Carr Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC, we can get you started based on your needs and goals with proven organic and gluten-free options at a reasonable price.  If you have already started, let us take a look to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts.  If we find that it is out of our scope, there are still many options for you and we will be honored to get you to the right option.



We are always looking at ways we can improve our communities.  The best way to affect a community positively is to make sure that the population is educated.  If your business, workplace or group is looking for a speaker and/or orator with a passion for educating, look no further.

If you or someone you know is promoting an event, we are probably interested in participating.  Having the ability to set up portable tables to do stretching or kineseology taping, we can set your event apart and add a nice benefit for future participants.