Many people feel that a simple pain in the knee or creak in the elbow is a normal aspect of the aging process.  Unfortunately, most times that pain or creak is not normal.  It is your body telling you that something needs to be addressed.

With chronic pain, we put up with it, we try pain relievers, but we don’t always see a doctor. That’s the problem — people need to talk to their doctors. There are many techniques for pain management out there, but it starts with asking the question - what’s wrong?
— Raymond Gaeta, MD - Director of Pain Management Services at Stanford Hospital & Clinic at Stanford University
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Will it get better?

Yes it can.  Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  That is why so many people play the "wait and see" game.  As we age, the ability of the body to heal itself slows down.  We see this all the time with our kids.  They scrape their knee and it is healed in a day or two.  Our parents scrape a knee and two months later we still see the healing process at work.  

Can We Help?

That is why Chiropractic is such a great place to go.  Chiropractic assists the body to respond faster and stronger when there is a problem.  We can also offer some pain relief along with increased motion and resistance to outside influences.