Neck and back pain can be caused by numerous reasons.  Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. Improper Posture/Lifting
  2. Repetitive Stress Injuries
  3. Trauma (Accidents and Falls)
    1. Sprains
    2. Strains
  4. Disc Herniations
  5. Weakness Of The Areas Musculature

Any of these reasons that may be the cause of your pain can be treated through Chiropractic care.  Chiropractic care, statistically speaking, get similar or better results than medication with longer lasting effects (1).  It is also safer, with little to no side-effects.

At Carr Chiropractic And Wellness, LLC, we can utilize Flexion/Distraction for any spine condition.  Flexion/Distraction is a proven method to aid in removing inflammation from the spine and restoring movement and pain-free living to those suffering from disc, ligament and arthritis conditions(2).




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