Numbness/Weakness in Extremities

Numbness and/or weakness in the arms or legs can be the result of many different conditions.  Many times it manifests as numbness and tingling, shooting pain, or muscle weakness when performing normal activities.  Uncontrolled Diabetes can be one.  If you have Diabetes along with pins and needles, burning and/or shooting pain, please consult your primary care physician.  That is what we will tell you to do.  If not, below are the two main conditions that we see at Carr Chiropractic And Wellness that cause similar symptoms in the extremities.


Pinched Nerve

An example of this would be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) or Sciatica.  Basically the muscles in your neck tighten so much that they stop communication from and to your brain.


herniated Disc

Occurs when the outer fibers, annulus fibrosus, break down and allow the remainder of the disc to protrude.  This can block the spinal nerves as they exit the spinal canal at the intervertebral foramen.