The shoulder is the most vulnerable joint in the body.  The head of the humerus sits is an extremely shallow fossa provided by the shoulder blade (scapula).  The fossa provides little to no support in keeping the head of the humerus in place.  That job is left to the labrum (connective tissues that encapsulates the joint) and the 4 Rotator Cuff muscles.


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Dr. David has a personal interest in shoulders and ridding people of their problems.  During high school, he dislocated his right shoulder leading to the end of his wrestling career.  After countless attempts to "fix it" through PT, he finally learned to live with, what turned into, the chronic dislocations.  Eventually he was forced to get reconstructive surgery due to the rapidly increasing instability of the shoulder.  After the surgery, his education began on the shoulder with his physical therapist (years before Chiropractic school).  

Dr. David now takes every opportunity to learn more about the shoulder and how to care for it.  He has helped many patients relieve their pain, increase stability, reduce weakness and given them the knowledge to keep on improving, if they so choose.